STEM at Student's Fingertips


Ale Pedroza, an Athens Middle School QUEST student programs her robot, Ann D. Royd, using one of the 5 laptops provided through the APEF grant entitled, “STEM at Students’ Fingertips”. The screen resolution, on these techno marvels, allows students to configure programming blocks, enabling robots to perform stellar tasks as students prepare for an approaching May 12th, Region VII robotics competition in Longview. Robotics affords the opportunity to collaborate in teams, while thinking critically and creatively to solve problems. This semester’s long-term problem includes: following a black line to maneuver through a tempestuous asteroid belt; egg-stracting “egg”liens for return to their cup and “saucer”; prodding orbs ever so carefully to Sagittarius A, a supermassive black hole, risking spaghettification; diverting 3 asteroids from within Mars’ atmosphere, depositing 3 colonists safely on Mars, and signaling mission accomplished after returning to the launch station…within 1.5 minutes.


Additionally, all AMS students benefit from APEF’s contribution to “STEM at Student’s Fingertips” as teachers utilize the newly developed scientific research lab for analyzing live feeds: tides, lunar phases, Earthcam, financial/fiscal literacy, etc. Thanks to APEF, AMS students more easily grasp 21st century skills, preparing them for unimaginable jobs, to compete within a global economy.