Lights, Camera, Action!!



My students have been enjoying utilizing the materials purchased by the Lights, Cameras, Action grant from APEF. So far, the kids have been primarily working on projects related to building professional type electronic artist portfolios.


The students have been cataloging artworks completed from the 2013-2014 school year. There are also many exceptionally dedicated student artists taking advantage of the opportunity afforded by APEF's contributions to extend their portfolios beyond what artworks they produce in school, bringing in works from prior school years and also personal artwork for documentation. It has been wonderful watching the students exhibit enthusiasm for their personal accomplishments, all the while building skills in professionalism that will assist them in attaining future goals. The students are looking forward to integrating more technology based applications into their artwork as we continue to move into art producing projects centered on use of grant materials. One of the next classroom projects will explore extra sensory influences of physical light and shadow as an art medium. Students will be creating installation sculptures that cast intentional shadows within a designated space and digitally capture the lighting effects as the final product.


The following web link provides image samples of student portfolios:  LINK   On behalf of the school and students, I thank APEF for the wealth of opportunities the Lights, Cameras, Action grant has provided and will continue to provide to our kids year after year.


Rose Riley