Communication for Every Learner


Hello, our class is loving our equipment! We have implemented some of the communication buttons into our toilet training program. The buttons are used with our non verbal students so that they can tell us when they need to use the restroom. Teaching them to how and when to use the bottons has been a process and will take much more time for them to fully learn. Some of the other augmentive devices will be used for students with specific needs that are starting school later this year. We are extremely grateful to the APEF grant board for granting us the money and allowing for our students to have access to adpated technology.


Thank you!


Laura McNally

Bel Air Elementary- PPCD


We are so excited to have received the “Communication for all Learners” grant! I have many students who are non-verbal. These students can often understand what is being said to them, and cannot respond appropriately. This is where some of the devices we ordered with the grant money are useful. For instance, I can pre-record a repeated line in a story that I am going to read. Then, when the story is read, the student can participate in the reading by pressing the switch and “reading” the repeated line in the story as other students repeat it out loud! We can use switches with a picture icon attached for students to “choose” an answer. In addition, some of the items purchased will assist us in training students with verbal and physical limitations to use a switch to communicate “yes” or “no” and allow them have their own voice. We are enjoying learning about the unlimited use of the items we were able to purchase. I look forward to giving you a more thorough update at the end of the year, along with some exciting videos showing some of the learning taking place!


Thank you!

Amy Young

Bel Air Elementary - PPCD