Click our Way to Success!


My iclicker2’s are making a huge difference in the attention of my science students in the classrooms. Here are some comments from my 8th science students: “We love it”, Brenda Arenas. Tony Miranda, “Nobody knows if you got the answer right or wrong”, Alexis Carranza. “More competitive”, Will Perryman. Luis Valdez, “It involves technology, saves trees and pencils.” Kiambrea Houston,”Clickers are better than paper!” Irvin Vasquez,” I like that it uses polls; we get to see the results.” Ben Whited, “It makes you get involved.”One of my favorites was from Cassidy Rosenbalm, “We were nervous to find out the results.” This lets me know the kids really cared about their learning.Dustin Rodriguez, “I’m worried that I will be the one that doesn’t make the class have 100%”I have enjoyed watching the worried looks turn into shouts of joy and the student’s arms “raising the roof” when they get it right!!Thank you APEF!! Without grants from you our students would not get to experience new technology. Sincerely,Carrie Martin