leemos espanol



In December, 2013, the AHS Library was awarded a $1,500 grant from the Athens Public Education Foundation to overhaul the Spanish Materials Collection. This collection was established in the early 1990’s and hadn’t had much updating since then.


In the years since the inception of this collection, the Spanish-speaking population of the AHS student has continued to grow, and the need for current and relevant materials has grown as well; thus the reason for the grant.


One hundred and thirty-two titles have been added to this collection. They include titles from the following categories:

  • Fiction that mirrors the English version

  • Fiction in Spanish version only by Spanish authors

  • Spanish Poems

  • Series that mirrors the English version

  • Non-fiction that mirrors the English version

  • Bilingual books (both in English and Spanish)


The cataloging and processing of these materials has just been completed. The English teachers, Spanish teachers, and Reading teachers have been introduced to this collection. Some of the following ways these teachers are making plans to utilize these new resources:

  • Assisting Spanish I students learn the language

  • Enable Spanish II & III students grow in their knowledge and use of the language

  • Provide English Language Learners (ELL) updated reading material, encouraging them to continue reading while learning the English language

  • Encourage struggling ELL readers to read materials in their native language.