How to Apply for Grants


                 Grant Guidelines    



Applications must be filled out completely by the applicant(s).


The only place your name and campus should appear is on the Cover Page. Do NOT use your campus name in the title of your grant.


Applications must be submitted by mail to the Foundations post office box by the due date. No late applications will be considered.


Need and Objectives

The project is appropriate if you can answer yes to the following questions:

  • Is it important to learning?

  • Does this project benefit the students you serve?

  • Can it be done in the timeframe allowed?

  • Is it practical?

  • Is the grant proposal more than a request for equipment?


Procedures - Description of Project Activities
  • What is it that you want to do?

  • List stepsConcisely state how you will implement the project

  • What is to be accomplished?Why is this project important?

  • How does this project support the goals and objectives of AISD and APEF?

  • How does this project benefit the students it will serve?


Evaluation Strategy and Sustainability
  • How will you define success?

  • How will you know your project was a success?

  • Can this project be reproduced by yourself or others without additional resources?

  • Are there recurring costs?

  • Be specific


Budget and Timeline
  • Develop a clear, concise and realistic budget and provide some detail on the basis of cost for items

  • Present the budget in such a manner so that someone unfamiliar with your organization will understand it

  • Give an approximate estimation of the time expected from beginning to end of the project.

  • Note that funds awarded to grant recipients must be spent or encumbered by upcoming December