February 2, 2011

Athens Rotary tenders grants

Rich Flowers

The Athens Review


ATHENS — The Athens Rotary Club gave grants to several organizations, Thursday, in recognition of community service.


Robert Nelson presided over the presentation of gifts ranging from $500 to $1,500 to help the groups in their services which included endeavors like feeding the hungry, home improvement and community theater.


“We are most grateful that we have a community that works together, pulls together and expends a lot of energy helping those who are in need,” Nelson said.


He commended the members of the Rotary Club who have worked hard in the past year to make its fundraising efforts successful.


“They’re the ones who are responsible for the fact that we can give these awards today,” Nelson said.


Nelson, Doug Scala and Kathy Becton made up the committee that prepared the grant presentations.


“We looked over the applications that were made to the Rotary Club and took into consideration the factors that we thought were the most demanding upon society and this time,” Nelson of the selection process.


Awards were given to the Athens Public School Education Foundation, the Cain Foundation, Henderson County Food Pantry, Henderson County Help Center, Keep Athens Beautiful, Labor of Love, Meals on Wheels and the Henderson County Performing Arts Center.


Sarah Grey of the APEF said the organization awarded 21 individual projects during the year and a total of $48,000. Providing students with things like musical instruments for Bel Air Elementary School and SAT manuals for high school.


Roy Talbot said Labor of Love improved the homes of residents throughout the county. Labor of Love helps those who can’t maintain their homes on their own because of age, disability and other circumstances beyond their control with repairs. Volunteers and contributors help provide the service at no cost to the person in need. The volunteers completed 184 projects during the year.