Fall 2011 - $14,500


Campus: South Athens Elementary

Teacher: Sunni Starkes, Linda Mazzanti (photo unavailable)

Amount: $2,500

This grant is an extension of a project that was started last spring to combat poor nutrition. The students planted young plants, nurtured and harvested a variety of vegetables. Now they will install a small greenhouse which will allow students to raise their plants from seed, adding to their knowledge of the growth cycle of plants. The areas of academic growth in science and math are addressed in this project.


Campus: Bel Air Elementary

Teacher: Suzy Foster, Fonda Splawn (photo unavailable)

Amount: $3,000

In an effort to meet the needs of highly gifted students, this project will provide students with robotic construction kits that will be used to compete in creative problem solving competitions addressing science and technology objectives.



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