Everything but the Kitchen Sink Cindy Kling ~ Athens High School Art Everything But the Kitchen Sink was an unusual grant. Instead of focusing on implementing one project, this grant supports many activities in my art classroom. Some of our materials have not been used yet. I am saving calligraphy for the end of the year. There is a high interest in learning that skill and using quills will captivate my students those last few weeks of the year. We will also use our animal and human models for sketching at the end of our year. These new activities will help keep ‘summer ready’ kids on task and creating masterpieces. Our drying racks are on back order and will not be in for a couple of weeks, but they will be used for years to come. Gone will be the days of finding a place in the kiln room floor for wet work!Jonathan Perez What we have been using are the knives and self-healing cutting boards. I cannot even begin to tell you how awesome these have been. My students have been busy creating amazing stencils to be used with spray paint. In the past, we did very basic designs because it was too difficult to cut a clean stencil with box cutters and cardboard. The students have been enjoying creating multiple layer stencils with intricate designs. This activity is always a student favorite and your generous grant has made it even better. We truly appreciate your support of our art class. Now . . . what shall we write for next year?