About our foundation

The Athens Public Education Foundation is a non-profit corporation that supports educational opportunities for students in the Athens Independent School District. Our goal is to involve the community in building a strong public school system that delivers quality education to the leaders and workers of tomorrow.The Foundation is not part of the Athens Independent School District, but the school district is the sole beneficiary of the Foundation's financial support. Using private, tax-deductible donations, we are able to fund educational programs and projects that are not affordable under the AISD's budget. This investment strengthens our schools and, by extension, our business community.


Educational Projects We Support

To identify educational projects to support, the Foundation uses a grant application process with established criteria for evaluating grant requests. In 2010, the first year we accepted grant applications, teachers from all school levels – elementary, intermediate, middle, and high school - applied for grants to enhance the teaching and learning experience in a variety of projects. The Foundation awarded grants totaling $33,500 to support those projects.As a result of our support, a Science Resource Lab exists for first and second grade students; students in intermediate and high school have access to mini-computers and Graphing calculators to enhance their mathematics skills; and middle school students experienced a hands-on, outdoor science camp designed especially to inspire their interest in science. These and other educational opportunities would not be available in the Athens Independent School District without the Foundation's grants.


Background of Athens Public Education Foundation

A group of Athens citizens formed the Foundation with a vision to enhance educational opportunities and student success in Athens Independent School District. The Foundation is a non-profit corporation, organized under Texas law in 2008. The Internal Revenue Service recognizes the Foundation as a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit, tax-exempt public charity. By virtue of that designation, contributions to the Foundation are tax deductible.

Source of Grant Money

Your donations make it possible for the Foundation to support educational programs in the Athens Independent School District. In 2010, contributions from local citizens, Athens alumni, businesses, civic organizations, and private foundations enabled us to award 14 grants totaling $33,500. Those grants support innovative projects that will inspire students to learn. We want to continue our support in the future. For that reason, the Foundation actively seeks donations from everyone who believes our children require a better education than tax dollars can provide. We ask you to make a contribution and make a difference in a student's life.Donations may be made online or by mail, and donations are tax deductible in accordance with IRS guidelines. To learn more about donating, click here.In addition to seeking direct donations, the Foundation hosts an annual fundraising event. In February 2010 and 2011, the "Second Chance Prom" provided an evening of entertainment that included dancing and an auction. The fundraisers are open to the public, and the proceeds fund the grant program.


Management of Athens Public Education Foundation

A Board of Directors governs the Foundation. Directors are elected for initial 3-year terms and may be re-elected. They serve without compensation. By donating their time, Directors help the Foundation minimize expenses and strive to apply 95% of donations toward grants.


The following officers are elected from among members of the Board of Directors:
Vice President Development
Vice President Finance and Governance (Treasurer)
Vice President Marketing & Events
VP Programs

These officers serve as an Executive Board to handle daily operations not requiring the attention of the full Board of Directors.